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Dinh Quang Temple, Springfield MO

Welcome to Dinh Quang Buddhist Temple. At Dinh Quang, we are made up of a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds and beliefs. We are non-denominational Buddhists, which means it doesn't matter if you have studied Zen, Tai Forest, Theravada or any other form of Buddhism. All are welcome, including people of other faiths.

The goal at Dinh Quang is to learn and discover who we are for the benefit of others, our community and ourselves. Buddhism teaches us techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and proper study to reveal the road blocks of our own lives.


We have online meditation and learning opportunities. Some of the activities include chanting, meditation techniques, tea ceremonies, mindfulness and of course studying the Dhamma (teachings of the Buddha). There will also be scheduled retreats and special guests from other practice centers in the future. For detailed information visit our newcomer section by clicking here.

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