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Venerable Thay of Dinh Quang Temple

Welcome to the official Dinh Quang Buddhist Temple in Springifeld Missouri. This site is cross-cultural. No matter if you speak Vietnamese or English, this site welcomes you.

Venerable Thich Thong Chanh is the head monk at Dinh Quang Temple here in Springfield Missouri. He came to America to study Buddhism in Chicago and build a temple in Springfield. His vision is to give locals a comfortable place to share their beliefs without fear of ridicule. No matter if you are Mahayana, Theravada, Zen or come from a certain sect, Dinh Quang Temple is open to you.

Ven. Thay as many call him teaches Mahayana Buddhism, but in Vietnam most don't give it a label. The core teachings are based on the Four Noble Truths, Pali Canon and familiar texts that all Buddhists practice and study.

Would you like a Dharma talk at your college or institution? Contact Master Thay on our contact page here for more information.

An early photo of our temple.

Are you interested in learning more about Buddhism? The goal of Dinh Quang is to bring the precious teachings of the Buddha to Springfield and beyond. Ven. Thay teaches and holds events for the local Vietnamese community. For the English speaking community we meet every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.

Dinh Quang also has a small library of books you can read in several languages from English, Vietnamese and Chinese. Come in and meet during any of our events to inquire about them.

 We are a new temple and in need of volunteers and support if we are to grow. The most simple way to help is to share this site with your friends so Springfield will know about us.

Just three years ago, a 12-ton, 17-foot statue was installed on Tuesday, June 6, 2012. It was hand-carved in Vietnam, then shipped here first by boat, then by semi-truck. The groundbreaking for the new Dinh Quang Temple was in January.

The temple blueprints.

Download the temple blue prints (PDF file) below:

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