Weekly Dharma Classes


After our weekly chanting and meditation services and a short break, we have an opportunity to reflect on the Dharma, check-in with each other, and share how our practices our going:

- Saturday mornings, around 10:05 a.m.

- Wednesday evenings, around 7 p.m.

During the pandemic, we are meeting online using Google Meet. Accessing the class via web browser or app requires a Google account (audio or video). You can also access the class from any phone (audio only). Please contact David for more information or to receive instructions on how to join the class.

If you would like to receive regular emails for announcements, program planning, and Dharma discussions, please visit our Google Group page and follow the instructions when you "Ask to join group." It will look like this:


Dharma Teacher Order

On the first and third Wednesday evenings each month at 7 p.m., Dinh Quang Temple is grateful to host classes as part of the Dharma Teacher Order (DTO):

"The Dharma Teacher Order is a group of monastics and lay people who follow the Vietnamese Zen (Thien) Buddhist tradition and are interested in 1) learning more about the Dharma (Buddha’s teachings), 2) developing our spiritual practices and 3) making the Dharma available to the Western Hemisphere. We are respectful of all Buddhist traditions as well as other religious denominations and welcome interaction with all of them. This is a four-year certificate program with an introduction to Buddhism, Buddhist sutras, and Buddhist thought. The course is a wonderful way to cultivate a more conscious and balanced life and helping yourself and others realize liberation from suffering."


Q: Do participants earn a certificate? For those who are interested, students completing all four years of study (and associated requirements) can receive a Certificate of Buddhist Studies. Students who complete a fifth year of study may be eligible to request ordination as a Lay Dharma Teacher in the DTO.

Q: How much does the program cost? Classes are free; however, we welcome and encourage students to donate what they are able to when possible. We make it easy to donate online here, or through many of the donation boxes at the temple. All donations by students support costs related to the program, including temple upkeep, retreat costs, and program materials. If you make an online donation through PayPal, please add a note that the donation is "for DTO". If a check is placed in a physical donation box, please write "DTO" on the bottom of the check.


Q: What about books? Students are also responsible for purchasing their own books, many of which can be found used or at your local library. Please ask us for more help if you have trouble with finding or paying for these books. A full list of the books currently used during all four years of study is available at the DTO website.


Q: What if it's too late to join? Should I wait until the current classes are completed? Anyone can currently join at any time.


Q: What happens during a typical class session?  We start with our chanting and meditation service at 6 p.m. We begin our class at 7 p.m. by inviting the bell and reflecting on our Opening Words. A student then makes a presentation on the content of our reading assignment, typically lasting around 45-60 minutes, followed by Dharma activities, guided meditations, and/or questions and answers. We usually conclude around 8:30 p.m. Presentations are made by our students, with support from our local temple leaders. You can download and read the DTO’s “Presentation Guidelines” and “Dinh Quang Temple’s Presentation Tip Sheet” HERE.


Q: How can I keep up to date about the classes? You are welcome to join our DTO Google Group for e-mail updates. You can request access by going to and clicking the "Ask to join group" button at the top of the page. It will look like this:


Q: How do I join the online classroom? For more information, or to receive instructions on joining the Google Meet classroom, please contact David. For more information, you can also visit the Missouri Sangha page at the DTO website. Thank you!