The Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind From Samsara

Created: Tuesday, 25 July 2017

1) The precious human birth. We can reflect on the difficulty of finding a human life, and what great meaning this has that we have this excellent set of circumstances.

2) Death and impermenance. The fact that we are born, means we will die. Life and death arise interdependent on one another.

3) Karma as cause and effect. Everything I do has an effect on not only me, but the entire world.

4) The defects of samsara. There are 3 types of suffering.

  • I) The suffering of suffering - birth, old age, death, sickness, etc.

  • II) The suffering of change - Even when we get or have what we want, it is only a matter of time before it is lost.

  • III) All pervasive suffering - This is more nuanced and harder to see, it is the general anxiety that exists in the background of even our happiest moments.

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