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Two Foreign Exchange Students Seek Host in Springfield

Kim Wiberg George from the Pan Atlantic Foundation recently wrote to our temple with a unique Buddhist related issue regarding two foreign exchange students. If you or someone you know can help, please contact Kim with the provided details in her unedited post below.

Greetings Dinh Quang Buddhist Temple staff.

I am writing to you in hopes that you might consider sharing information about these incoming exchange students with members of your temple.

I am seeking a host family for each girl. It is important to me to help students find homes where their individual belief systems are honored and supported.

So many students lately don’t profess any religious preference. When I see a student who shares their preference, it makes me take note and try to help them find a safe and supportive family.

As many of you know, in this area it is difficult at times for people to get past the religious differences and consider hosting a Buddhist student or a student with religious preferences for that matter.

That being said, if you may know of a family who may be a supportive and safe home for either girl, I would very much appreciate the referral.

Hosts provide a bed and three meals a day, along with reasonable transportation to and from school and extracurricular activities. They must be over 25 years old and not receiving government assistance for housing or food.

The students pay for all school expenses, activity and athletic fees. They have their own spending money and health insurance.

If you have any questions about our program or would like to find out more information, please call me.

Kim George

Pan Atlantic Foundation Area Representative


Here is the information about the two students currently looking for a host:

Raksikkim (Kim)

Kim is a 16 year old from Thailand. She describes herself as a passionate, kind, empathetic and hard-working individual. Her favorite things to do are to cook, listen to music and make art. Kim loves dogs. Other interests are playing basketball, hiking, martial arts, tennis and volleyball.

She is also hoping to have a host sibling as she is an only child.

She is considering going into business or arts.

Kim is a Buddhist.

She can share a room with another female child age 12 or above. (Open to single female placement, placement with another student, same sex couple)

Regular diet, no allergies.

Pariyakorn (Ploy)

Ploy is 17 years old and from Thailand. She has an above average English score and GPA.

Ploy hopes to try new things and gain as much experience as she can. Her happy place is when she goes out kayaking. She also really enjoys playing badminton and going for walks.

Ploy is a BuddhistShe can share a room with another female child age 13 or above. (Open to single female placement)

Regular diet, allergic to bee stings

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